Mosman Park Debating Club

Sixteen students were selected for the Debating Club in Term Two. They spent the term polishing their skills of persuasion and rebutting the arguments of their peers. Other activities included watching video clips of students from other schools debating and a lunch time catch up for pizza with Mrs Robb! Now they are fervently preparing for the Great Debates, which will take place during lunchtime of Monday 13th August.

The debate topics are:

Homework is a Waste of Time

Arguing the negative: Alice, Molly, Amelie and Eliza

Arguing the affirmative: Max H, Ben, Cooper and Max T

School Uniform Should be Compulsory

Arguing the negative: Tom, Jemima, John and Rufus

Arguing the affirmative: Klara, Claire, Frankie and Ranya